Tuesday, May 15, 2007


You folks are lucky! I was on vacation last week, and leaving town we took a flight path I've never taken before. Because I force my boyfriend to give me the window seat whenever we fly, I had the most amazing views of the city! So I grabbed my camera! And the battery was dead. So I grabbed my spare battery! And it was dead. I thought I had failed you all.

Yesterday, we flew home. We had these great views the entire way up the coast from DC, and I thought there was no way that we would take the same flight path into the airport as we had going out. Never in my life have I taken that flight path out of Logan before. EVER. We got closer and closer to the city, and we were further west than usual. Friends! I do believe I have redeemed myself from the horror of not having fresh batteries!

This is the view from just north of the city - looking across the Charles towards downtown (Boston Common and the Public Gardens in the center), with Southie (of Goodwill Hunting fame) in the background. Click to enlarge (and that's an order, not a suggestion)!

ETA There's another shot of the Jamaica Plain neighborhood (where I currently live) in my personal photo blog, here!


pusa said...

well i did check out the large version and its simply beautiful... yeah dead batteries are my frustrations

Kala said...

that wasa fun and funny post - what an experience and luck! Awesome shot!

Anonymous said...

I am glad your battery was charged for this photograph. It is a nice one.

Curly said...

Just looking at Logan from the air, is it built on reclaimed land?

South Shields Daily Photo

Chris & Deb said...

I don't recall seeing an aerial view of Boston from this perspective. Really excellent photo-it's so clear!

Cowbark said...

Curly -

Yes! There's a detailed history here Logan Airport history. It started out on a point into the harbor and there was more and more landfill each time they expanded it.

For that matter, Back bay (the area to the bottom right of the photo, where there are a few taller buildings separated from the larger clump) is also built on landfill! More info in Wiki.

Stefan Jansson said...

Great view of your city. Dead batteries are never any fun.