Monday, November 26, 2007

101 Federal

I love the details on 101 Federal, and now that I've moved offices I've got an even better view of it. And I can peek in their windows and make sure that guy down there is hard at work! ;) Look in the second window from the left - see those streaks across it? That's SNOW from our first snow last week!

I have no idea what's in 101 Federal, but there is a nice entryway (shared with 75 Federal) with a Starbucks, a cobbler, Bush's (environmentally friendly) Dry Cleaners, and a convenience store.


Anonymous said...

There use to be an Au Bon Pain there where I would go for lunch. Dr. Share had his office there when he first took ovr the practice some 20+ years ago and before he moved to his curent location.

Cowbark said...

Au Bon Pain is still there - that's where I get my pumpkin soup in the fall/winter!

Leyre said...

Was this taken with your new zoom lens? Because that is one intense shot from all the way across the street!!!