Monday, April 28, 2008

By The Sea

We spent Sunday in the sleepy village of Capitola (By The Sea is tacked on to the name according to the welcome sign, but I don't believe it's the official name). Our GPS unit, Guadalupe, had taken us through Capitola Friday morning on our way to Starbucks, and we had fallen in love with the little village without even getting out of the car. Monday we had a lot of time before we had to get to the airport (booo!) so we spent some time wandering through Capitola before heading up to Santa Cruz.

Leyre's father-in-law tells us that these adorable houses along the beach were built by Al Capone, who used to vacation in Capitola. I can find absolutely nothing on the internet that can either confirm or deny this claim, so I'll just put it out there. Regardless of who built them, they're totally adorable and I would like to live in one.

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