Tuesday, March 27, 2007


The lunch line at Chacarero. Chacarero is every restaurateurs dream - they serve only one item and don't hurt for business! In case you're wondering what a chacarero is, here's the description off their site:

A Chacarero is a traditional Chilean sandwich. It begins with homemade bread, that we make fresh daily. The main ingredient is either tender grilled steak or chicken (or both). Then with your main ingredient, we add steamed green beans, which gives it that authentic Chilean touch, Muenster cheese and fresh tomatoes. After that, we add an avocado spread, salt, pepper & our secret hot recipe to complete the sandwich.
The girls I work with will sometimes wait in line for theirs, but not when they have face to face meetings or interviews after - apparently there's enough garlic in this sandwich to warrant both brushing your teeth AND using mouth wash.

This line was already long on my way to get lunch (not from here!), and it was even longer on my way back. The line is often equally long for dinner after work. It always makes me laugh to see people in their gym clothes, fresh out of Boston Sports Club across the street, and lining up to get their sandwich!


Chuckeroon said...

Greetings from Richmond upon Thames DP. Nice to see Boston. I was there in 1965!!!

AinZ said...

oooooohh!!! I miss Chacarero! I used to live in Boston, and stood in that line many times!