Friday, March 23, 2007


These three girls walked half the length of Boylston Street like this - arms linked and giggling the entire way. The woman who was with them (on the right in red) was walking impatiently in front of them, asking them to pay attention and walk faster. It was beautiful weather today!


Pat said...

What a nice picture today! They are in step too.

It was a lovely day here in Ontario as well. I'm yearning for spring.

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Chuckeroon said...

Nice one !!!! Welcome to CDP

Cowbark said...

Thanks guys! These girls were having so much fun, even if they were being hurried along!

Mandy said...

lollygagging -- wow that is an expression I've never come across before -- is it in common usage?

No doubt I'll come across it again several times in the next week or so!

lovely word.

Cowbark said...

It's not common, I just think it's a fun word!