Wednesday, January 30, 2008

High Speed Trolley

This is one of the Mattapan-Ashmont trolleys. The trolley runs from Ashmont, at the South end of the Red Line, to the Mattapan station with about six stops in between (including Milton, which is my stop!). The cars are originally from the 1940's and were rehabbed for this trolley line. There's a lot more info here, but I wanted to share a quick little snippet:

This short trolley operation, unique in the MBTA because it still uses PCC trolley cars, runs from Ashmont to Mattapan, the end of the line. This route, only a few miles long, has 6 stops along its way to Mattapan. It was built on a railroad right of way to help speed trolley cars into Boston from the Dorchester area. At only 2.2 miles the line is one of the shortest existing trolley lines, but it is surprisingly scenic considering its location on the border of a major city.


Jim said...

Very cool, I love the old trolleys.

Jana said...

Very nice. Old trolleys look great.

Beantown Today said...

I spent so much time on trolleys ... this is a great shot, thank you.

Isadora said...

trolley? trams run on tracks - trolleys have rubber tires and run on the pavement with their antennas following/attach to the electric wires above. no?

Cowbark said...

Isadora - you're probably correct. I've found that in America, we tend to apply one overarching name to things that are referred to in other countries by a more accurate or descriptive name.

This trolley, from what I've read and heard, has always been called the trolley...maybe because it does have the electric wires above rather than being self powered or powered from a third rail?

The Lone Beader said...

I've added your blog to my google reader. Coincidentally, one of the next pieces I'm planning to make will be a beaded replica of an old Boston trolley car. This photo is great inspiration! :D

Anonymous said...

The only thing that people
should know is that it
is the only trolley that
goes through a cemetary
Cedar Grove. The trolley
also goes past an old
chocolate factory called
Bakers Chocolate which is
now condos/apartments.
Very nice shot of the tolley