Friday, January 11, 2008


Most people will tell you not to miss Mike's Pastry when you're in the North End - my own mother included! On a weekend night it's shoulder to shoulder inside, and you'll have to wait to find a seat. When that happens, you should walk out the door, cross Hanover Street, and turn right to get here - Modern Pastry. They have pastries that rival Mike's but won't be quite as crowded - it's a bit of a hidden jewel, although not really hidden!

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Anonymous said...

This is true, however in the old days when we still lived in The area, Modern Pastry didn't have seats or serve coffee/cafe, etc. We did discover that you can go almost next door or perhaps right next door to Mike's to have cappucino/espresso and get pastry too and that place whose name escapes me uses the same pastry I believe, or ones that are equally good.

your own mother from VA now and there is no place like the no end unless it is Florence, Italy

Anonymous said...

ps. I forgot, Modern has the best Torrone, it is made there. So you just make the rounds, Mike's, Modern and don't forget Dairy Fresh.


Chris Rossetti said...

Napoli is worth a visit on Salem Street. An intimate place with some of the best pastry in town.

All the pastry is baked in Italy then shipped frozen to the North End.

You should come back to the North End and do a pictorial of all the cafes. The photos you post are great!

Cowbark said...

Thanks Chris! Do you think I could convince the cafe owners to give me free gelato and canolis if I post their pictures? ;)

I do need to get back to the North End, I haven't been since the I took those photos in January!