Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Ha! How often do you get to use the word squeegee and have it be in context?! I love that word. I also love squeegee's, which once prompted my mother to buy one for our house in the hopes that it would make me more willing to wash the outside of the hard to reach kitchen windows. Pretty sure that loving squeegee's didn't work to her advantage that time. Sorry, Mom!

Anyway, back to the point here...I went out for a stroll (and maybe some ice cream) at lunch today, and saw this guy cleaning the windows. He was only about 3 floors up. He had a guy down on the sidewalk that lowered him when he was done and ready to go down a floor. These guys were also the THIRD window washers I saw while I was out...I guess they wanted to get it in so everyone would have a nice clear view of tomorrow's rain from their office?!

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bitingmidge said...

I love those blokes, we have one here who specialises in high-rise building maintenance, and changed his name to "Luke Skywalker"!

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