Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Light Overkill?

Here is a daytime (well, dusk) shot of a house that's located on the Jamaicaway here in Boston. It's become pretty well known in the area for its extravagant lighting display (Christmas Vacation anyone?). I don't know how I feel about such a display - I feel like it must be a nuisance to the neighbors, but it's nothing if not festive! If you drive through the area at night you can't miss it (trust me)!

*This shot also taken by my brother Danny - who's birthday is today. Happy Birthday Dan!


Mitch said...

What the heck? I almost want to go find the owner and point out a blank patch and say, "you missed a spot over there."

What's with the crown? Is that a decoration? Where does he keep it during the rest of the year?

- Mitch in Minneapolis

Dusty Lens said...

Wow this is a busy house, decoratively speaking!

Leyre said...

Mitch, I have no idea where he could possibly store ALL of those decorations. I imagine he has a storage unit?

I guess at the risk of sounding a bit Scroogey, I just don't get this. I'm all for lights on/around your house, but this is on a very busy street and I'm really surprised it hasn't caused any major accidents yet. If you know it's there it isn't quite as distracting, but if you're not familiar with it and you come across it at night all lit up, it could really distract you!