Thursday, December 13, 2007

Snow Freezing Fog

We got our first storm of the winter today - 11.2 inches reported in Dorchester, which is the south end of the city. The snow started around 1:00, and I took this picture around 6:00 and there were at 6-8 inches by then. This is the intersection outside my building - you can see the top of a small hill that cars were struggling up. Some people had given up and abandoned their cars half off the side of the hill.

I walked the .75 miles home from the T instead of taking the bus (traffic was B-A-D bad everywhere, and I made it home faster than the bus anyway!). I saw at least half a dozen abandoned vehicles, and I also got to see the awesomest thing: A woman was sitting in a disabled car in the middle of the road with her hazards on, and a gentleman walked up to her window and knocked on it. When she rolled down the window, he asked if she was okay and made sure that she had a cell phone to make any calls she needed to make. He asked her again if she needed anything, and was still chatting with her as I walked out of earshot.

Oh! And the title for this post? That was the description on Weather Underground for most of the afternoon. Also interesting: we got more snow today that we got all of last winter - and our first snow last winter didn't even come until the end of January!

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