Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Do we cheat 'em? And how!

This one is really for my Dad - for all the years of "torturing" us with NPR and Car Talk on road trips!

We're still in Harvard Square - this one is the building in the corner/triangle of Mass Ave, JFK, and Brattle Streets. Click the photo to enlarge and check out the lettering in the window. Fans of NPR's Car Talk ought to know exactly what they're looking at here...especially knowing that the photo was taking in Cambridge (our fair city) MA!

For anyone who doesn't listen to Click and Clack - Dewey, Cheetham, & Howe is an often used fictional law firm - seen in the Three Stooges, and used by comedians Groucho Marx, Johnny Carson, and even Daffy Duck. The brothers that are Click & Clack (Tom & Ray Magliozzi) created a company to cover the business end of Car Talk, and named it Dewey, Cheetham & Howe...and this is the window of their offices! For more Car Talk fun, check out their weekly "credits" here - and be sure to read the names out loud.


Isadora said...

:) I know the building but I've missed the sign. Thanks.

Leyre said...

I listen to them sometimes and always chuckle at that but I had NO idea there was actually a sign on the building. That's totally awesome :)