Friday, February 15, 2008

One More Memory...

And I promise, this weekend I'll be posting current photos again.

This is from the blizzard we got in January 2005. There was a LOT of snow - 3 feet total. Leyre's husband had to work overnight out of town, so she came over to my apartment to hang out with my roommates and I instead of getting snowed in all alone. The next day, we spent HOURS digging out our cars - four of us shoveling, and about 2-3 hours on each car. There was so much snow that we couldn't pile it any higher and we were carrying it on shovels across the street and into our front yard, which was piled well over Leyre's 6 foot tall head!

This is like where's Waldo, except it's a car that's hiding, not Waldo. So where is it? Click the photo to enlarge and look for the antenna on it's front hood!


Beantown Today said...

This is cool! BTW, my two oldest were born at St E's, lol.

Pat said...

This is looking like my city! So much snow this year!


Guelph Daily Photo, My Photos.