Friday, March 7, 2008

ASPCA Monument

In PO Square, just across the street from the grassy bit where everyone flocks to have lunch when it's warm out, is the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) Monument. Let me tell you that I would NEVER have known what this was and had never spent the time to actually look at it instead of just walk by or sit on the benches around it if the fire escape plan for my old office didn't involve meeting at the ASPCA Monument. I first saw the plan and thought "who even knew that was an ASPCA Monument in that little triangle?!" Last week I ran to CVS for some tissues and grabbed my camera so I could get a few shots of this since it is just across from the CVS at the corner of Congress and Milk.

The monument is essentially two parts: the part you see here, which is a circular slab of granite with pond scene depicted on top of it and a quote about protecting animals carved around the base of it, and a large flagpole and monument to George Thorndike Angell, the found of the MSPCA. I'll show you that tomorrow!

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smokey said...

so cute! i love turtles! whenever i go out to feed breadcrumbs to ducks, i always try and get some to the turtles as well, but they're so slow they never make it. ducks are greedy little buggers. ASPCA might not agree with feeding wild animals, do ducks in public ponds count? i mean, they're practically domesticated since they're so used to human handouts.