Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tower Rehab

This is Holy Trinity (German) Church, which is in the South End on Shawmut Ave. There was a sign out front about the Tower rehab project, which stated that the church was built in 1877, and the steeple was lost in a hurricane in 1938. It didn't look like there was any current construction going on when I took the photo (which was a few months back), so perhaps the sign was left from a previous project.

I'm rushing off to the airport (Wisconsin for an extra long weekend!), so you'll have to click through to the church's page if you'd like to read more of the history.


mcd said...

That's the hurricane of 1938, not "a hurricane in 1938."

Chanin said...

when will you come back?? I want to see more photos of Boston..

travelphilippines said...

oh that must be some massive hurricane.