Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter!

Friday morning Whit called me and said "there's this crazy religious man who is literally in the middle of the intersection in Coolidge Corner!!!" Yesterday, we met up and spent a good 15 minutes sitting on a bench watching this guy sing, dance, and shove his cross at cars and pedestrians passing by. The thing to note is that Brookline is known for it's large Jewish population. Want to buy a Red Sox gear in Hebrew? Coolidge Corner is your place! Whit and I did some browsing, and then hit up Trader Joe's, where we found our crazy religious man, carrying his "Jesus the Messiah. Why not?" sign around while he picked up groceries.


lynn said...

Good shot!

Dsole said...

oh yes, that's a crazy photo indeed! Great finding!
And you werte right about your photo and mine os Plaza Mayor, it's almost the same! ;)
Have a great Sunday!

Fay said...

I remember seeing this guy over there too!