Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Hokie, hokie, hokie, hy!

Boston had a new free daily in town. In my eyes it just means more discarded newspapers on the floor of the T not getting recycled, but I'm both a treehugger and a cynic.

I can't post without commenting on the cover stories. From the minute Leyre told me about the shootings at VA Tech yesterday I haven't stopped thinking about them. A good family friend is a senior there and lost two friends, with another in the hospital in stable condition. I've had Hokies cheers running through my head all day, and keep thinking back to the first time my brother-in-law and sister took me there for a football game - Blacksburg is tiny little college town, tucked into the mountains. Quiet, relaxing, and beautiful. It's a place I've always thought of as a relaxing retreat, and I still struggle to get my head around what happened yesterday. I can't put into words all of the thoughts and emotions that have been running through my mind, but my thoughts are with Brandon and every other student on campus, as well as all of their family and friends. I wish there was never occassion to use the phrase "most deadly massacre in modern American history".


Fabrizio ikol22 said...

I agree and I am (we are) sad today with all of you.

However, each time occurs something like this I go to ask myself why in USA weapons may be sold to everyone.

Cowbark said...

You aren't the only one asking that, Fabrizio! I don't want to get into the politics of it, because I don't know enough about them to actually do that...but it is frustrating that it's so easy for someone to buy something that can cause so much damage and pain.