Saturday, April 7, 2007

Waiting, watching, hoping for you baby

I spent some time in Coolidge Corner today (okay, not technically Boston) and I couldn't help but love these guys. Such sweethearts!!! Someday I'll have one (or a rottie, or a some kind of lab), and I won't leave it sitting in a car for long enough to make it look this sad!


Fay said...

For some reason I love to see dogs and cats resting on their chins, looking so lazy and relaxed :)

And what?! Coolidge Corner is not Boston?! It has a lot of stuff going on there though. I can't wait when the weather gets warmer so that I can stroll on the street there!

isabella said...

Go for the Golden - they are the best!
(glad to see the windows open)

Abraham Lincoln said...

They look so lonesome. I suppose they miss their owner. Nice picture.

PJ said...

Porter likes to get into the driver's seat when left in the car. Not sure how given there isn't much clearance, but maybe I don't WANT to know how.