Saturday, April 21, 2007

Red Sox Fever

I went to Fenway Park last night and watched an amazing game between the Red Sox and the Yankees (Sox won!). The Red Sox/Yankees rivalry is renowned in this part of the world and watching the passionate fans is almost as entertaining as watching the actual game...almost. If the Sox keep this up, they might even win the World Series...and then Jordan's furniture will have to follow through on their crazy promotion. Now that would be entertaining!


Fay said...

It was a great game last night, wasn't it? My roommate's boyfriend was there too, and he came back looking all excited.

And it is such a beatiful day today! When I was marching across BC campus in the shuttle, there were so many studnets sun bathing and everybody's in their shorts. Hope you have a bright weekend too!

Doppiavu said...

Yes, it was a great game! However last night's 4 homeruns in a row was even better. Sox beating Yankees...sun's pretty good. :)