Friday, June 22, 2007

The Chocolate Factory

You're in for a new batch of locations, folks! Whit has just moved to Back Bay, I'm moving to Dorchester Lower Mills, and Leyre has just started a job in Roslindale. All in Boston, but (with the exception of Back Bay) not places that we've been showing you! Here's the first installment on the chocolate factory front:

Pete and I move TOMORROW (eek!) to an apartment built in one of the Baker Chocolate Factory buildings. There are a number of buildings from the factory still around - some converted to apartments or condos, one a grocery store, one a gym, and one a storage space. There are also some that remain vacant. This photo shows two of the building that are part of the Baker Chocolate Factory apartments. The building on the left is on/over the Neponset River. The green space in the bottom of the picture is part of the landscaped courtyard in the apartment complex. These two buildings house about 80 apartments, and on the other side of the building on the right is our building, which houses another 50 or so apartments (including our awesome studio loft!).


Abraham Lincoln said...

Your new series should be interesting, especially those buildings who once housed or still house companies most of us are familiar with.

Abraham Lincoln
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Randy said...

Nice pic.

Suldog said...

Very nice.

As I said in another comment, I lived in the area for 37 years. I once worked in that complex (a print shop) and spent many years exploring the site as a child. When I was very young, the factory was still in operation and the whole neighborhood smelled of chocolate - a kid's dream!

You might find a couple of my own blog entries interesting, since they concern your new neighborhood. If you go to my blog, look in the "Things I'm Proud To Have Written" section. "Return To Caddy Road" and, perhaps, "All Gone" might be of special interest.

Jim Sullivan