Friday, August 31, 2007

A day late, a buck short

Sorry folks - I'm back posting because I spent last night watching the Sox lose to the Oriole's, so I didn't get home until late! That's Jason Varitek at the plate - almost every female Sox fan's favorite. It's cause he's got a nice butt. The catchers always have the best butt on the team, if you ask me - it's all the crouching.


Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

I will totally agree with the butt thing... hehehe... my hubby... being a MA boy... from Meuthen/Lawerence area and has been living in FL for 25 years well, he wanted to show MA off to me (an Aussie living in FL now and her first visit)... well, being a Red Sox fan... we went on the tour... hubby wanted to stand on the field SO bad but a game was set for that night... another day... least we sat on the Green Monster... love the photos... take care

Cowbark said...

How fun! Sitting on the Green Monster is a totally fun time - when I sat there I was amazed to see how much the players actually interact with the fans (you can see them react to hearing fans yell, sometimes they'll even turn around and acknowledge).

Also, I studied in Perth for 4 months in college, and lately have been VERY "homesick" for Australia. :( I have a number of friends from there that are here in Boston (1 from Sydney, 1 from Perth, 2 from Melbourne, 3 from Brisbane) and I'm devastated that one of them is moving back home to Melbourne at the end of the month. Anyway, I clearly love Aussies, so hi!