Tuesday, August 14, 2007

"Palace for the People"

The Boston Public Library, the first public library in the U.S., was declared a "palace for the people" when it opened its doors in 1895. This photograph is of the central courtyard surrounded by an arcaded gallery in the manner of a Renaissance cloister. Located on Copley Square, it's a peaceful place to sit and read and many people come here during their lunch break.


the sak said...

Navigating the Boston Public Library buildings, floors, departments, collections is problematical. A better plan is needed for the people attempting to find their way for locating books and information. For example the naming of locations, rooms, galleries in the BPL buildings confuse rather than make it easier in moving around the library campus.

Rambling Round said...

It's beautiful, and I better not go there, or else I might never come out!

• Eliane • said...

I am adding to my list of things to do for the next time I visit. The first thing that captured my attention was those cute little chairs, perfect in that setting.