Friday, August 24, 2007


On a hot summer day when you need to escape the city, hop on the commuter rail and head north to Manchester-by-the-Sea. Walk one mile, past this beautiful view out to the harbor, and you'll land at Singing Beach (so named because the sand supposedly squeezes when you walk on it). You'll have to pay $5 just to walk onto the beach, so be warned!

Click the photo for the larger view...and that's the boy standing there wondering why I'm taking MORE PICTURES!)

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Ackworth Born said...

Manchester by the Sea -- always thought that was Blackpool in Wakes Week.

OK I know, you mean somewhere entirely different and how different it is -- $5 to walk on the beach!

{I am of course referring to Manchester UK and the seaside resort of Blackpool - traditionally famous for "fresh air & fun"; Wakes Weeks used to be when all the factories and mills shut down and the workers went on holiday}

Nowadays people are just as likely to fly across the pond to Boston for their holidays so you might well find some Mancunians visiting your seaside too.