Sunday, July 22, 2007

180 Degree View

Pete and I were spoiled yesterday - we got tickets in the company suite for a great game while we drank free beer & wine, ate a lot (hot dogs, chicken tenders, pizza...Legal Sea Foods clam chowder...veggies, fruits, cookies, popcorn, chips, Haagen Dazs ice cream bars...and that's just what WE ate), and didn't miss a single play thanks to the flat screen TV in the suite's private bathroom! I learned how to use the stitch assist on my camera, and then turned the photos over to Pete (that's him on the right side of the photo) to actually stitch together the panoramic of the view we were enjoying. Here's the result! Click for the larger image and full details.

Before you ask: Yes! The Red Sox won! 11-2 after a 7 run 7th where three consecutive pitchers walked in three consecutive runs. I think the White Sox LOOGY might have lost his job yesterday when he started that off instead of ending the inning...

See our other photos of Fenway right here!


Bex said...

Husband and I also watched that game vs. Chicago White Sox yesterday, as did our two collie dogs, and cheered all the way thru it. It's good to finally see the Sox playing well again, and on a perfect day. Lucky you for such great seats and thanks for the photo! Go Sox!

travelphilippines said...

go go red sox..