Monday, July 2, 2007

Baker Lofts

This is the former administration building for the Walter Baker Chocolate Factory, which is now artist lofts. To live in the building you have to be certified by the city as an artist (which means filling out the application and showing them some of your work to prove that you're REALLY an artist and not just Joe Schmoe who want to live in cool places for slightly subsidized rent). The spaces are considered "working/living" spaces, and I'll happily show you their interiors when Dorchester Open Studios rolls around and I can get through their doors!

Info from the Dorchester Atheneum below, and a photo from back in the day here

The Georgian Revival Administration Building of 1918-19, which was designed by George F. Shepard, serves through its prominent siting and angled set-back at 1231 Adams Street, as another major visual focus of the Baker plant. the cube-shaped building with baslustraded flat roof is three stories high and displays a projecting two-story pavilion with a monumental portico and Georgian derived door and window trim executed in stone.

PS - this is NOT the building we live in, although it's likely Pete could get the artist certification if he applied. This building IS, however, part of our complex and managed by the same company as ours.


Gerald England said...

Today's pic at Hyde DP has a slight Boston connection.

It is probably from before your time, but ...

• Eliane • said...

Ooooh! I would apply for the artist certification myself if I could. Living in a chocolate factory is every Belgian gal's dream!!! ;)
Love the postcard and can't wait to see the interiors.