Friday, July 20, 2007

Stepping back a bit...

This is the current site of the Langham Hotel - the former (and third) site of the Fed. Apparently it's Fed week...I swear I'll stop soon! ;) Here's more on the building's history from the Fed site:
The Reserve Bank purchased the premises at 95 Milk Street and the adjacent Pearl Street property for $1,400,000, gaining a frontage on Pearl, Franklin and Oliver Streets. The Board appointed a building committee, divided into two subcommittees: esthetic features and interior and layout, with E.R. Morss as Chairman. R. Clipston Sturgis was chosen as the architect for the Federal Reserve Bank's new building. Construction for the Reserve's Renaissance revival bank was begun in 1920 and finished in 1922. The bank featured a masonry exterior of rusticated granite at ground level with limestone above. The interior boasted a painted dome ceiling in the entrance foyer; a gilded coffered ceiling and large N.C. Wyeth murals in the main lobby; marble door frames and mantles; and floor-to-ceiling arched windows on the lower level. Life-size equestrian statues once guarded the small entrance door, and a court with a fountain lighted by daylight also graced the Reserve.

The Langham is a pretty posh place, and you can expect to spend a minimum of $275 (for a 250-300 sq ft room w/ a queen bed and an "interior view") per night.

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gjg said...

My office was on the fourth floor for 5 months. That would be the top of the three identical floors. The large window to the right of the slit window was the one in my office.