Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Dot Ave Gardens

When I'm not being lazy, I walk the mile from the T back to my apartment after work. There are a number of small gardens that I pass by on the walk, but my favorite Dot (that's short for Dorchester) Ave garden is surrounded by a bright white picket fence and has a portico (at least that's what I'm calling it) over the walkway and a great little bench just under it. It has a lovely plant growing over it that provides the perfect amount of green cover, and these gorgeous yellow flowers (no idea what they are and will have to send photos to Mom to identify) in the yard. Slightly off topic, the porch is stained a gorgeous dark color and is super glossy and I love it as well. I've walked by this house dozens of times in the last month and admired the fence, portico, yard, and porch. Then the flowers started blooming and I started loving it even more. Then in the last few days, I noticed this little fringe of different colored flowers (identity unknown to me) between the fence and the sidewalk! They are the tiniest little flowers, and were red, orange, white, and yellow. They're about the sweetest little things ever.

I'm sorry to say that the yard just before this is bare dirt as the gentleman there has apparently let his dog destroy the lawn. It also smells like a litter box, and you can smell it coming half a yard away. It makes the one mentioned above just that much sweeter to come across after such a disaster!


travelphilippines said...

cute lil flowers. very simple.

Timothy said...

The flowers are Portulaca: simple, sweet, and as you noted very hard to kill.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,

As someone else mention, oh Timothy, these are portulacas, we used to have them around the mailbox. Great in sunny places where nothing else will grow. love MOM