Thursday, July 26, 2007

Window washin' way up high...

Sarah posted once before about window washers, and here's another picture of those fearless people way up high - as high as they can be in Boston actually - that's the John Hancock building they're washing. For starters, it's the tallest building in New England (60 stories), but on top of that it's also made up entirely of windows. When the building was completed, they discovered that there was a real problem with those big windows - they had a tendency to fall out. Every now and then a window (a 500 POUND window) would pop out and come crashing to the ground. They would cover the holes left with plywood temporarily. A pretty good picture of that can be found here.

The window issue is fixed now, so don't be afraid to walk around it and check it out. There used to be an observation deck on the 60th floor and anyone who went to school in or around Boston I'm sure will remember field trips spent watching the nifty little 3D model display they would put on to explain the history of Boston and Paul Revere's ride. Unfortunately after September 11th they closed it down and it remains so today.

That's Leyre's dad in the corner of the picture there, and for the record, he took the picture. Thanks dad!


Chris in Madison said...

Not for the faint of heart...I got a little queasy looking at that!

Jamie O'Brien said...

I love this site.

-Jamie In Madison, Wisconsin.