Friday, July 6, 2007


What I've always called Roslindale Square (or Rozzi Square) is now being called Roslindale Village. Appropriate - I guess - in light of the sort of fancification it's gone through over the past few years. Back when my mom worked in the area and I would drop her off and pick her up every day, it was not really a place you'd want to hang out in, shop in, or grab a bite to eat in. Now the opposite is true. There's a few bakeries, a couple of breakfast places, a sushi place, and a few restaurants that have gained reputations as delicious eateries.

Here's a slightly older, but interesting story about the gentrification of Rozzi Square.


Anonymous said...

And... how 'bout those bushes... er... topiaries! in the island!

• Eliane • said...

Sounds a lot like Williamsburg or Astoria here.
I really don't know Boston well (I went a couple of times and always really enjoy the city) so I have no idea where Rozzi Square/Village is. Is that on the subway line?

cbs said...

It's on one of the commuter rail lines (Needham Heights) about 20 minutes S/W of downtown Boston.

Leyre said...

It's not quite as funky as Williamsburg Elaine, and it's a much smaller area as well, but it's pretty charming and a super convenient place to live. Plenty to get to on foot if you live walking distance from the square (village, whatever) and if you want even more there's the commuter rail which will take you into Boston, or you can take a five minute bus ride to the subway which will also take you into Boston.